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When I decided to launch this business, on my way towards my goal of being the Voice of American Healthcare, I knew that I had to act the part even before everyone knew my name. Most millionaires are extremely philanthropic, so I started to look for ways to help others. I really do believe that you have to unselfishly give in order to truly be happy. Side note - wasn't a millionaire then and still not even close now. One day!

A dear friend of mine, who knew my intentions, put me in contact with a local church in my area and I got involved with the Family Promise Organization by happenstance. This is really when I learned about this worldwide problem and the severity of human sex trafficking. What truly made me sick with motivation to do anything to help was that children are the majority of the victims. It was through this organization that I found out and became involved with the International Human Trafficking Institute, which is actually based here in Atlanta. If you didn't know already, Atlanta is the number two hub behind Miami in the country for child trafficking. I registered to attend their Annual Conference via Zoom in September of 2020, with the intentions of finding more ways to help. 

On that Zoom call, of which I attended with one of my closest friends, we were introduced to Vic Reynolds, Director of the GBI, and Callahan Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted TV Host and TV Personality John Walsh. It was extremely informative and taught us how to get further involved. We were also personally invited to attend the Annual GRACE Commission at the GBI Atlanta Headquarters, hosted by Georgia Governor Bryan Kemp's wife Marty Kemp. The Conference was held on October 22, 2020 in the GBI's Crime Lab. Let me just tell you, my inner Dana Scully was dying at this point. For those of you that know me and any who don't, The X Files was my favorite show and I was obsessed. I named my first car Scully. 

The same friend that attended the Zoom with me, also came with me to the GRACE Commission. To say we felt a little out of place with the crowd was an understatement. We were joined by the Director of the Georgia State Division of Family and Children Services, Tom C. Rawlings, several members of his staff, representatives from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, several Special Agents in Charge from the Task Forces based here in Atlanta, and several of the survivors to give insight and provide feedback. It was truly chilling listening to the Special Agent in Charge, we will call her "Dana Scully", go over how they have the Agents on Evidence Detail work in shifts due to the graphic nature of the images and videos that they go through. The majority of the victims that don't survive are ages 0-4. 

This site was launched out of motivation to help in the only way us civilians can. By donating money and educating yourself on signs. As for the money, please visit our site to browse our products. With our "Purchase with a Purpose" Campaign, a portion of all proceeds of every sale will be donated to the International Human Trafficking Institute. If you would like to get information on how to help this worldwide problem, please visit learn.ihtinstitute.org. Every little bit helps. Educating yourself on signs is key.

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I appreciate all of the love and support that I receive from my online social media family and I hope you enjoy the merch! It is all for a very good cause! Feedback is welcome. 

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