About Us

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel" or "disc" because of the way Energy flows through our Bodies. On my Journey through Sobriety and learning how our Minds work by practicing "The Law of Attraction", I have personally experienced the Power of Healing Crystals when used with the Intentions to fight the struggles of Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction issues. It is an every day battle to stay positive with constant factors in all of our lives that threaten our Mental Health.

This business was launched with two things in mind. Bring Awareness to End Child Trafficking Worldwide and help people find alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medications for Mental Health and other Illnesses and Ailments. There is no "Magic Pill" that will heal you, but there are Magic Crystals that will help! It all starts by looking within. My children and I handcrafted all of the Original Pieces with Love and Manifested Good Vibrations into each and every one. We hope you love and cherish them as much as we do!

Align Your Chakras, Protect Your Energy, and look like a Bohemian Beauty all at the same time. ūüíé

A little background on me...
I was born in Los Angeles and raised in Southern California, the OC specifically, then I moved to Atlanta in the late 90’s. I graduated high school and went to college here. I still live about 40 minutes north of the city with my three beautiful children Hayden, Zachary, and Olivia. They really are my why. My college experience was in computer networking and I bartended for years in my twenties. I did almost a decade in corporate America, which really solidified my expertise on how to run a business. My variety in professional experiences has really helped me learn how to interact with people of all personalities.
I have been in health insurance going on four years and I launched HealthGuruHeath, LLC in 2020. I have built my business on blood, sweat, tears, and honesty. I am licensed, educated, and constantly increasing my knowledge of American Healthcare through state required Continuing Education. At HealthGuruHeath, we provide Americans with education and health insurance options all across the country. If you need information about health insurance or private healthcare, please visit : HealthGuruHeath.com.